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It was a groundbreaking day for the Co-alc Alliance who were able to bring a wide range of voices together to support our campaign to increase awareness around the links between cocaine and alcohol use (cocaethylene) and suicide. From the harrowing personal experiences shared to professionals from mental health and drug services
in public and third sector imparting their expertise the event which was
well received and supported by all who attended. 

We thank each of the eminent speakers and brave panellists
for their impassioned contributions on what became a
very powerful and emotional event. Huge thanks also

to the delegates both online and onsite and all the 

people behind the scenes who made this happen. 

Photos from the day,
intro video and hybrid
by Black Box Media

Trigger Warning 
Open discussions around suicide.

Setting the scene at the conference

Shaun's Story
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Like a sniff with your drink?          >>>
Know the risk

When Cocaine and Alcohol are mixed together they metabolise in your liver to create COCAETHYLENE which increases the risk of suicide or sudden death



The come down

Combat the effects of coming down - click here for advice



Understanding social culture and cocaine use and why people don't contact mental health services.


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