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If you are in danger now
or have taken steps to end your life   

RING 999 

Ask for ambulance, try and explain what you've done/taken and where you are ASAP

There is always hope, you can get through this

and we can help you once you are safe. 

 Are you feeling suicidal? 

It can be overwhelming and feel like rock bottom this is the
toxic effects of the cocaethelyne and is masking how you really feel

do not be alone

Reach out to one of your mates they might be going through the same thing
or askl a trusted family member or
ring a crisis helpline (below)

eat something & drink water

Your body will be dehydrated and starved of nutrients which affects your mood significantly. 

get some rest

Lack of sleep impairs your mental judgement - try and get some sleep without taking other substances.

Symptoms include heart thumping, sweating, paranoia, totally exhausted, extreme low mood,
depressed, feeling completely wrecked, regretful, angry, violent.

These feelings should pass in a day or two - hold in there

Here are some helplines that can help you get through this difficult time
it really can help to talk to someone that won't judge you when you're in crisis
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If you'd like more information or support about cocaine and alcohol use please contact
The Jacob Abraham Foundation and/or 4Tom 
Prevention - Intervention - Postvention
Counselling and support available in your area? 
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